It’s about that time of year. Each year since 2007 (not that long ago) around this time, I sit and think of where I’d like to travel next. Usually two months or so after my last trip (in this case, one month), this lapse in time makes me yearn to be back traveling and in foreign land. Regarding work, I WANT to be in office to build up my PTO. Regarding surf, I want to be out in the water feeling more comfortable and progressing on the smurfstick. yada yada yada. So now, having this stoke continue in the wake of my last trip, I set an intention for my next trip. And for me, if I write something down or say it… at least five times over, Ill do whatever I set out to do. So right here, right now…. my intentions are set on surfing Peru and delving into that cultural wonder of a Country.  Peru. Peru. Peru. Peru. Peru. five times?